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Our Ministries

Through a variety of short and long-term study groups and workshops, you are invited to come together with others to celebrate our connections to each other and our groundedness in God’s love and compassion.

Exploring Your Faith

Want to grow your spirituality? Looking for a safe place in which to ask your questions about the purpose of life and death and what it means to be fully human?

Through a variety of short and long-term study groups and workshops, you are invited to come together with others to celebrate our connections to each other and our groundedness in God’s love and compassion.

In addition to more traditional Bible study, you can;

  • participate in discussion groups on a variety of topics like Progressive Christian Theology, World Religions, and First Nations Spirituality.
  • find programs on everything from Grandparenting to Social Justice issues to the meaning of suffering, or seminars on such important spiritual resources as meditation and prayer.
  • explore the meaning of the sacraments and your connection to God’s creation, as you enjoy walks through nature, and consider your relationship to God’s wider world.
  • be assured that we do not shy away from questions about human sexuality, or the tough topics like the violence we find in the scriptures, or the ways in which the biblical message often contradicts the findings of science.
  • explore who you are and who God is calling you to be through writing your spiritual autobiography or ethical will.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just testing the waters, you are welcome to join in any of our study and discussion groups! Please contact the Church office or speak with our ministry team for more information about current offerings or to suggest a topic you would like to explore.



  • Join us for worship in person on Sunday’s at 10:30am
  •  Many of our sermons are broadcast live on YouTube
    Siloam United Church – YouTube
  • Previous week sermons are broadcast Sundays at 11:00am on Rogers TV London
  • Past Sermons are available to watch on the Media Room Page

Bible Study


Siloam United Church is proud of the music legacy that has grown and developed throughout the years. Our Senior Choir that features up to 30 voices and performs each Sunday morning as music in song is an important part of worship.

Siloam also boasts a 3 octave hand bell choir, the Siloam Sounds, who often perform during worship and for special events such as concerts and even weddings. 

We provide a varied music program at Siloam. If you have a particular talent, and would like to participate, please contact us at the church office at 519-455-9201.Blythe 

Music ministrie-siloam-church-ontario

Young at Heart Group

Come join the Young At Heart Group each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. All ages and all abilities welcome! We explore our faith through Music, Art, Drama and Fun. Join us in the Library beginning September 18!

Ongoing Outreach Initiatives

Siloam United Church supports a number of ongoing Outreach initiatives both financially and through volunteer participation. We are proud of our committment to reach out into the community and the world.

The United Church Of Canada Mission And Service Fund

The Mission and Service Fund of the The United Church of Canada supports mission work here in Canada and overseas. It also supports the Services of the United Church such as theological colleges to train ministers and church leaders, summer camps, benevolent causes and conferences. M&S helps to support ministry in isolated parts of the country, and to uphold our community outreach and presence in the urban core.Siloam generously supports the work of the M&S Fund through s substantial monthly pledge as part of our budgeted committment to Outreach.

Click here to learn more about the Mission and Service Fund

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Siloam’s growing project is on 21 acres near Ballymote, that is generously donated by MaryJo Fraleigh. In 2021, $14,325 was raised by Siloam United Church for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Click here to learn more about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

ELUCO (East London United Church Outreach)

Click here to learn more about The Life and Work of the East London United Church Outreach (ELUCO) 

East London United Church Outreach (ELUCO) is a United Church ministry that advocates for and supports people to build community in the midst of challenging circumstances. This ministry primarily serves the Marconi community of south-east London but also includes the ELUCO Food Cupboard at Gethsemane Gardens and the Welcome Wednesday Hospitality Lunch program in the Huron East corridor of north-east London.

Currently, through our budget, Siloam United Church pledges $12,000 toward the annual ELUCO approximate $100,000.00 budget

Siloam Urban Garden and Orchard Project

Siloam United Church in conjunction with Urban Roots London has cultivated the vacant land at the back of the property.

In 2021 we produced over 3000 pounds of fresh food for donation to the ELUCO food cupboard along with other local agencies. 
Next we are planning on adding fruit trees and fruit bearing bushes.   Click on the image to learn more about this amazing project.


London Interfaith Refugee Sponsorship Alliance

Siloam supports LIRSA financially and also offers non-financial support through the time and energy of volunteers who help refugee families cope with day-to-day living.

LIRSA is dependent on human resources in order to sponsor and support refugees.  The group encourages, welcomes and values the contribution made by individuals in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Every second, refugees somewhere in the world are fleeing from their homes and cities seeking safety.  Their plight is hard for many of us to imagine.  They leave because of fear or famine, but always with hope.

click here learn more about LIRSA

Forming Community

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