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Siloam has been awarded $2,000 for an upcoming project that will involve our Urban Roots garden…AND our kitchen! More details to come.

Thank you to The United Church of Canada Foundation Seeds of Hope grant for this generous funding.

Siloam has been granted $20,000 to make our building more eco-friendly.
With these funds we will:
– replace the refrigerator in the kitchen with an energy efficient appliance 
– replace the Storeroom and Kitchen doors (which currently leak heat in the winter and cool air in summer) with better insulated doors
– replace all 328 fluorescent bulbs in the building with LED bulbs.
The goal is 15% reduction in energy utilization in 2024.
Thank you to The United Church of Canada’s Faithful Footprints program for helping us to reduce our carbon footprint, as part of our commitment to climate and social justice.

For more information about this position, view the posting on ChurchHub or contact us at [email protected].